Tried and tested by over 3 million people across the globe, MushroomeX is an ayurvedic remedy to gain weight. Produced with natural weight gainer 'mushrooms', the product works directly on the digestive organs in a person's body, hence increasing the metabolism and diet. This powder also strengthens the body's defence mechanism by forming more White blood cells.

Luco X

Prepared to treat the disease of leucorrhoea, Luko-X is a blend of 16 rare herbs that are proven effective in curing this ailment. The ayurvedic treatment by Mushroom World is typically a 20 days medication as prescribed by doctors. The medication has rapid effects in reducing fatigue, laziness and body pain, thus strongly fighting against the disease.

Joint X

Prepared with mushroom extract, guduchi oil, naagbala, vathar oil and multiple other natural oils and ingredients; Joint-X is an ayurvedic cure for the ailment of joints. 7-8 drops of this oil can cure joint pain, arthritis, chronic pain, strains, sciatica and paralysis to an extent.


The hair tonic is a permanent solution to all your hair problems. Mushroom world's Hair Again is an ayurvedic remedy that fights against dry hair, grey hair, dandruff, hair fall, fizziness and so much more with just a few drops. The solution is made with natural ingredients Bhringraj, Anwala, Zaitoon oil, giloy, amarbed and other hair rejuvenating and growth stimulating ingredients.

Blackila Pickle (Mix)

Enriched with the goodness of jackfruit, Lotus root, and vinegar oil; Blackila Pickle is a perfect pick for a health conscious person. The pickle is prepared to provide its consumers with a healthy and tasty experience. There are 0% calories, 0% sugar and 0% bad fat in the pickle but no compromises on the flavours or the quality.

Blackila Oyster Mushroom Pickle

A premium quality range of product, the Oyster Mushroom Pickle is prepared with the goodness and richness of Oyster Mushroom. The pickle is high in fibres and nutrients essential for the body, hence keeping you fit.

Koku Drink

The kokum extract Koku is a flavour some and healthy refreshment drink made for those who love a little tang and more fibres for the body. Rich in antioxidant properties, the kokum extract drink is a perfect partner for energizing yourself while working.

Tefun (shooT mE iF yoU caN)

TEFUN is a multiplayer battlefield developed by Mushroom World Future Tech to ignite the thrill of games and give participants a chance to win real money by playing. TEFUN is different from other games because not only does it test the gaming abilities of the. Player but also pushes them to think strategically and critically during the tournaments.